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Complete Professional Web Site Development and Related Services

La Mesa Web Designs and Development is a full service ASP.Net web development company offering professional, advanced, interactive, integrated web site development from basic static four-page web site design to complete e-commerce web site development. We offer many related services such as mobile development, graphics and multimedia, and custom software.

We offer contract work and can upgrade and expand upon your web site. Anything from fixing links, building custom user controls, developing new pages and applications, database development, or anything else, to complete design and development of a new web site.

ASP.Net Web Development

ASP.Net Web Development is the main focus of La Mesa Web Designs and Development. It consists of N-Tier architecture, which is a term for the different layers (tiers) included in the complete project. Simply put an ASP.Net web site almost always consists of a Presentation Layer, called the User Interface, which would be the "top" layer, and which are the screens people see when they access the website. The "middle" layer people do not see. It is called the Business Logic Layer, contains the programming code for the User Interface, and custom interactions for the web site and it usually has a lot to do with the database. The third, or "bottom", layer is called the Data Layer and contains the actual database, queries, database security like login names and passwords, and, of course, the actual data gathered, stored, and accessed by the web site. This is a basic illustration of how the layers work, the Business Logic Layer doing the work of connecting the database and other interactions, like calculations and populating a list with data (for example), with the User Interface so people can view the results of a button that was clicked or any other interaction.

This is typically called 3-Tier Architecture, for the three layers. N-Tier architecture means other tiers can be added (N being any number), and La Mesa Web Designs often incudes a custom Reports Layer to provide reports, printed or on screen, of things like sales, customers, or other activities organized from data in the database. Other tiers can be custom charts, media, or other aspects of the web site project, and are combined in the same sort of layer fashion, so the Business Logic Layer controls the interaction between the database, the custom tier, and the User Interface display.


La Mesa Web Designs and Development provides certified Authorize.Net development. Payment Gateway Integration for simple, out-of-the-box, packaged platforms and complete custom ASP.Net e-commerce solutions.

For e-commerce development and integration, LMWD uses AIM, or Advanced Integration Method, for the Authorize.Net payment gateway. Also, a complete custom solution is offered, based on our Integrated Business model which utilizes modular architecture to add selected modules like inventory, sales, request for quotation or estimate, file exchange, multimedia, and / or other features to the web site according to our client’s needs. The entire e-commerce web site set-up is offered, including distributing the payment gateway and merchant services to our clients, setting up the gateway and merchant services accounts for our clients, setting up and / or building the e-commerce platform, acquiring the domain name and web hosting services, and integration with the Authorize.Net payment gateway.

Basic Web Site

La Mesa Web Designs and Development offers basic web site development starting at a four-page web site with a home page, two products (or services) pages, and an about us / contact page. Our clients provide text and images to us via our file exchange and we optimize the images for the web – clean-up, extraction, resizing, and edit the text to emphasize the most important and relevant aspects of the products, and to fit the spaces available on the web site layout. So, our clients’ can easily send us images, even photos from a phone, and whatever descriptions and however much text they want – we do all the editing. Remember, we are certified eMarketing professionals, so your information is handled in the most skillful way.

Our basic web sites are built using N-Tier architecture and are fully expandable to include custom programming and database integration, so once the basic web site is built, there’s no need to rebuild the web site to add to it.

Mobile Development

La Mesa Web Designs and Development offers IOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV), Android (phone, tablet, Android TV), and Windows Phone, mobile development. We also offer web site development for mobile devices, which usually consists of a simpler, easy to use interface and basic pages, with an option to view the full web site.

Graphics / Multimedia

We offer cutting edge graphics and multimedia, including Ultra High Definition (4K) video for the web. We process video using H.265 video codec, so even large videos stream nicely. We also offer Dolby Surround Sound for the web.

We use the best, cutting edge software and tools to design and mix multimedia, and custom design background music for our clients using a mobile sampler so we can sit with the client and within minutes they can choose the right sound for their video, whether it’s smooth and silky or rough and driving.

We design digital signage for our clients’ workplace, tradeshows, sales meetings, or wherever our client’s message needs to be seen.

IOT (Internet of Things)

La Mesa Web Designs develops custom applications for an increasing number of Internet-enabled devices, including Amazon Echo (integrated voice technology), Automatic Car Adapter (automobile computer readout), and other applications including embedded systems.

SEO, eMarketing and Social Media

We complete each web site by setting up a basic Google Analytics account for our clients, so they can track visits to their web site, trends, user interactions, etc. An Adwords account can also be set-up for the client, so they can handle Internet advertising at any time they choose.

La Mesa Web Designs is a FaceBook, YouTube, LinkedIn developer and can create, organize and deliver email marketing campaigns to complement our clients’ eMarketing strategy.


We custom develop professional desktop business software to fit our clients’ needs. The software is built using N-Tier architecture for desktop software and includes custom screens, programming, and database access. Additional tiers, such as reporting and charts can be included as well.

Contract Work

La Mesa Web Designs and Development offers contract work at your place of business in San Diego County, or by telecommute anywhere in the world. We use video- and tele- conferencing and have a convenient toll-free number. We use Skype for Business desktop sharing and / or can use all desktop meeting software, such as Go-to-Meeting, Citrix, etc.

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