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La Mesa Web Designs and Development
is a professional web site development company that offers complete development from simple, basic, four-page static web design for informational web sites to complex, interactive, data-driven business and e-commerce web sites.

We work with you from the inception of your web site, including formal business and functional needs and requirements, database entity – relationship, or ERD, diagrams, use case models, data flow diagrams, and other system design and analysis documents, to completion of your website, including domain name and hosting set-up, payment gateway account creation and web site integration, and search engine optimization and search engine marketing set-up.

We offer cutting-edge technology, such as hand-coded table-less fluid CSS user interfaces, dynamic and versatile Visual Basic business logic programming using advanced object-oriented programming, which provides web site security and quick response times, and MS SQL Server database integration for robust and highly scalable databases. We develop web sites using industry best standards, and test our web sites using code and security analysis tests, and PCI compliance. We also offer state-of-the-art multimedia, custom reporting, payment gateway integration, and mobile development. We use industry leading tools, such as Adobe Production Premium Creative Suite 6, Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate, the latest of both Apple and Windows computers for development, standard computers for cross-browser testing, IOS, Android, and Windows Phone and RT, for windows tablets, devices for mobile development, professional multitrack mixing and recording and video processing for the web at up to 4K quality, using the latest h.265 DivX technology.

We also offer simple, basic, four-page static web design for informational web sites.

La Mesa Web Designs can re-design or upgrade your existing website, and it is not uncommon for web site visits to double even in the first week after a re-design.

We offer contract work and will work at your place of business.

La Mesa Web Designs makes it simple to work with you with a simple file transfer service, so you can upload your files straight to our office, Microsoft Lync video and teleconferencing with whiteboard and file sharing to discuss your ideas over the web and SharePoint sharing. We also have a toll-free number, so you can reach us from anywhere.

La Mesa Web Designs partners with Authorize.Net, the leading e-commerce payment gateway provider, to help you set-up your e-commerce merchant account and payment gateway. We partner with GoDaddy and make it simple to get a domain name and set-up web site hosting. La Mesa Web Designs is a Microsoft Silver Business Partner.

If some of this seems a little too technological for you, just remember that at La Mesa Web Designs we make it simple. If you are familiar with the advanced terms, however, this is about middle-ground, so if you would like to discuss your ideas in more detail, please feel free.

Our office is located in El Cajon, California where we just won the Best of El Cajon 2014 Award for Web Site Designer.

Thank you for joining us and remember La Mesa Web Designs for your data-information design.

lmwd about us image Curt Ireton - Owner / Webmaster
B.S. MIS - A.S. Webmaster
We are a business-oriented development company backed by a B.S. in Management of Information Systems (MIS) and a full business acumen, including systems analysis and design, project management, operations management, accounting and marketing.

Business focus, structure, organization, and reporting are integrated into our web sites so we can provide our clients with applications that produce results that are efficient and relevant.

Hi, my name is Curt Ireton and I’m the owner and Webmaster of La Mesa Web Designs and Development. I have a B.S. in Management of Information Systems, or MIS, from San Diego State University. I am a Certified Webmaster with an A.S. in Computer Science / Information Systems – Webmaster, and a CeMA Certified eMarketing Associate. I am a Certified developer, an IOS, Android, WindowsPhone developer, and a social media developer for FaceBook and YouTube.

I have written papers and done studies on the Internet, the Global Economy, Global Web Site Distribution, E-Marketing plans and strategies, some of which can be found on the web, and am currently working on a book covering web site development from basic web site design to complex e-commerce web development.

I’ve been working with computers and relational database designs since 1982 and have focused on the Internet since 1997.

As a Webmaster, I am all things web: graphic designer, web programmer, and database administrator.

I recently spent two years as Webmaster for a global website, in charge of over 200 web pages, 1500 visitors per day, and overall web site management and administration, before I concentrated all of my energies on La Mesa Web Designs and the development of web sites for small- to medium-sized business mostly in the Industrial niche.

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